Violent Vickie is a multimedia electro-punk band from San Francisco, Calif.  Inspired by riot grrrl, electronic, industrial, and pop music, Vickie programs beats and synth loops on the computer, sings and incorporates Tyler Holmes on synth for shows.  Her lyrics have feminist themes and address topics like consumerism, addiction and religion.  She has since played throughout Los Angeles and the Bay Area, toured the West and East Coast, Europe, played Occupy Oakland, Bay Area Rock 'n Roll Camp for Girls, Santa Cruz Pride, Ladyfest Texas and Scutterfest.  Recently, she toured with Hanin Elias of Atari Teenage Riot and has shared the stage with No Babies, Mika Miko, Scream Club, Joey Casio, Nicky Click, and The Sharpease.  She is releasing her first official album "Monster Alley" on March 1.  It is available here: